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RICHARD SAMPSON. The names John and Richard alternate down the generations in this Sampson line. This Richard was born in 1690, just after the accession of William and Mary. A year earlier, Maryís father, James II, had fled the country when her husband, William of Orange, landed in Torbay.

Richard was born in the small North Devon town of Winkleigh. He was the son of the day-labourer John Sampson and Grace Paddon.

Baptism. All Saints, Winkleigh. (DCRS transcript)

1690 20 Oct. Richard s of John Sampson


Without secure employment for his father, Richard must have grown up on the brink of poverty. One brother had died before Richard was born, and another died a month after Richardís birth. He was the fourth of five surviving children.


SUSANNA BROOK was also born in Winkleigh. She was the fourth of the sixth children of Robert Brooke. She was baptised at All Saints, Winkleigh, on 11 March 1684(5).


At his marriage in 1706, her brother Robert, the eldest son, was a day-labourer, so it is quite probable that this was her fatherís occupation too. She would have grown up with a background very like Richardís.


The pair were married in All Saints, Winkleigh in 1714, when Richard was 24 and Susanna 29. They are the first Sampsons in a register beginning from 1709, which was transcribed in 1730.

This Book was transcribed in the months of December and January. Ano Dom 1730

The Time will come when all things here must Flie

And Those that Live on Earth must Shortly Die.

Scriptum per me. Tho: Mayne 1731

Lord Teach me to Number my days

that I may apply my Heart with Wisdom.


This register records the marriage on 2 June 1714 of Richard Sampson to Susanna Brook.

A daughter was born seven months later, a not uncommon happening in those days.

Baptisms. All Saints, Winkleigh. (DCRS transcripts)

1714(5) Sampson, Susanna d of Richard 19 Jan

Two more children followed.

1717 Sampson, John s of Richard 22 Aprill

1719 Sampson, Grace d of Richard 12 May


The family was small, but all seem to have survived infancy.


Richard and Susannaís deaths have not been found yet.


Next Generation: 8.SAMPSON

Previous Generations: 10. SAMPSON-PADDON

                  10. BROOKE



Jenny is dying of cancer. When she and Aidan take young Melangell to the place for which she is named, they do not expect a murder