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GEORGE PRIESTLEY was the son of Henry Priestley, baptised in Newchurch in 1663.

Baptism. Newchurch Parish Church. Bishop’s Transcripts.

20.4.1663 George Priestley son of Henry Priestley.


He was born three years after the end of the Commonwealth and the restoration of the Stuart monarchy under Charles II. The new king was the son of Charles I, who was beheaded after he lost the Civil War. The Puritan reformation of the Church of England was swept away. There was greater freedom for people to enjoy themselves. But Dissenters found worshipping together could be imprisoned or transported.


George did not marry until he was thirty-three. By this time England had had another revolution. In 1688 Charles’s brother, James II, fled the country when William of Orange, his nephew and the husband of his daughter Mary, landed in Torbay. Both Whig and Tory politicians had invited William and Mary to take over the country, fearing that James’s newborn son by his second, and Catholic, queen, would return the United Kingdom to the Catholic religion. Queen Mary II died in 1694.


Two years later George married ANNES HAWORTH .

Alfred Priestley, writing in 1923, says that the Priestleys came from Haworth in Yorkshire, home of the Brontes, about 1800. This is clearly wrong. It is likely that he confused the name of Annes Priestley née Haworth , with the parish of Haworth.


Marriage. Newchurch Parish Church. Bishop’s Transcripts.

23.4.1696 George Priestley and Annes Haworth.


There were five children of this marriage baptised at Newchurch. There must have been at least one other George Priestley in the parish, because the register gives additional information to identify him. It was not usual at this time to record an address or an occupation.

Baptisms. Newchurch Parish Church.

15.11.1696 John son of George Priestley de Ffoxhill.

1.1.1699(1700) George son of George Priestley de Ffoxhill.

(Until the middle of the 18th century the new calendar year started on March 25. Dates from 1st January to 24th March were counted as being in the previous year.)

28.6.1702 An daughter of George Priestley de Ffoxhill.

28.1.1705(6) Robert son of George Priestley of Ffoxhill, Webst’r.

12.3.1709(10) Henry son of George Priestley of Ffoxhill.


A webster was a weaver. Priestleys had been weavers in Rossendale since at least the early 16th century.


Fox Hill is marked on an 1840s OS map. It seems to be a farm about 0.3 miles NE of Whitewell Bottom. Apparently the existing building has no date stone but is said to be ‘old’ (going back at least to the 1700s). It has recently been renovated but there is someone who may have ‘old photos’ of it. It is mentioned in ‘The History of Lumb’ by Jenny Nuttall.


We do not know if Ffoxhill is where George grew up and was previously lived in by Henry . But it does suggest that the family were prosperous.

A.H. Priestley, letter of 20 Nov 1923




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