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The first Priestley we can definitely claim for the family is HENRY PRIESTLEY.


As yet, all we know of him is that he brought his son George to be baptised in Newchurch parish church in April 1663. Newchurch is in one of the valleys of the Forest of Rossendale in Lancashire, halfway between Rawtenstall and Bacup.


Baptism. Newchurch Parish Church. Bishop’s Transcripts.

20.4.1663 George Priestley son of Henry Priestley.


The date was three years after the Restoration of Charles II to the monarchy after the Civil War and the republican Commonwealth. George grew up to be a webster, or weaver, so it is possible that this was Henry’s craft too. In the early 16th century, Robert Priestley was a weaver in this area.


Across England, those engaged in the wool trade were usually on the side of Parliament in the Civil War. If George was Henry’s first son, then Henry was probably too young to fight in the war of 1642-6, but it is likely that he followed news of the fighting with boyish enthusiasm and that his family cheered Cromwell’s victory.





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